2023 New Year At The EB Ranch Farmstead

2023 New Year At The EB Ranch Farmstead

Welcome to the New Year everyone! 🎉


The New Year can represent a new start for many, or perhaps setting new goals and expectations. And maybe those goals consist of taking time to relax more, or seeking avenues to help manage both mental and physical health.


Here at the farmstead I'm still keeping the same momentum I had through the busy winter holiday season. Orders are still flowing in both online and through retail customers. And I'm busy updating the website, getting up to date on registering the rest of my San Clemente Island goat herd, and preparing for in person and virtual classes in February and fine tuning the goat rental service.


For the EB Ranch Farmstead, winter is a time for preparation and hopefully a bit more down time than usual. Bookkeeping will be happening in full force in a week as well as a constant making and restocking of goat milk soap and other body products.


A very personal goal for this year is to "let things go". Without going into detail, the last handful of years have been rough mentally and emotionally. I did all I could to have resolution and there really is nothing more to be done. What was frustrating as being in that rut also put me in a state of mind that dredged up other issues from that past that never found any resolution.


Having 2023 be a date that I set for myself to move forward was and is important. I found ways to get myself out of negative thought patterns and just focusing on my business and other things I care deeply about has been the most helpful. Thankfully there are wonderful and supportive people all around me, including my partner Bob.


Sharing some of these more personal pieces are easy for me to do. Being able to share my humanness may help others do the same, or feel connected on some level. We are all struggling in this life, and having empathy, compassion, patience and understanding, as well as creating boundaries are things we continue to navigate through this life.


Cheers to a New Year with so much to offer!


Thank you for your support,


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