Every Garden, Every Year, Is Different

Every Garden, Every Year, Is Different

From my earliest memory there was always a home garden that needed tending. Both my parents and grandparents had vegetable and flower gardens. Including perennial crops like rhubarb to big Golden Yukon potatoes we harvested in the fall. 

The gardens from my childhood morphed as I grew older, they grew smaller to non-existent at my parents. Except for decorative flower beds, and a few small plantings of carrots, lettuce and peas. 

Similar garden changes have been happening at the EB Ranch Farmstead since 2009. From overly ambitious gardens, to currently more tidy and reserved gardens. Most of these changes have to do with experience. I'm glad I went crazy with my gardens in the past, as I learned from my mistake of growing to much of something, or getting absolutely burnt out in tending the homestead gardens. 

This year was much like last year. I kept things light and easy with some seasonal plantings to help provide fresh greens all season long. The winter squash and melons are looking lovely, and the splash of flowers in the garden make me happy. The hoop house has about 15 tomato plants and 20 sweet pepper plants. 

Some areas of the garden are weedy, but this late in the season it doesn't matter much. If I want to buy bulk of a winter vegetable, like onions, I will buy from a local farmer or CSA. 

Over the years, from my mid 20's to early 40's I have learned to grow only what I need and like. I experiment a little bit, but not nearly as much as I used to. I have found what my basics are, and the quantity I need to get me through the winter. 

What are some of your favorite fruits and vegetables to grow? How has your garden or growing space evolved over the years? 

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