My First Time Milking A Goat

My First Time Milking A Goat

In February 2010 I bought my first small group of goats. I already had two Nigerian Dwarf does living at the farm. The new goats were a crew of crossbred animals. The person I bought them from couldn't have been nicer. And offered that I call him if I ever had concerns or questions. 

In the group was two breeding bucks in two "maiden" does. That is does that have never been bred before. I bred my does with my big Nubian buck and waited for kids to be born. Five months later I had kids, and 8 weeks later I choose to start weaning the kids so I could milk my goats for the first time. 

My first two does were named Elvira, an incredibly sweet Nubian. And Miss Yvonne, an incredibly ornery mixed dairy goat breed. And that ornery attituded mixed with my newbie milking skills resulted in blood, sweat, and tears. 

Miss Yvonne kicked, bit, stomped, and pooped in my milk bucket. She ate her grain in record time, I think as a way for her to suddenly have something to be upset about. As soon as her grain was gone she would become the spawn of Satan. So, I learned how to milk well and milk QUICKLY! I even changed over from using a metal bucket to milk into and choose a plastic bowl. I read that the sound of milk squirting into metal can startle animals. The plastic subdues the noise drastically. I tried other tips and tricks, though it seemed like the biggest help was letting time pass and creating a solid routine with my animals. 

Miss Yvonne settled down the following year, and was mild mannered after that. She was also a wonderful mother and gave birth easily. I also became proficient in hand milking goats and that speed persists to this day. 

Time and experience contribute to who we are today. Goats have sculpted my life in ways I never would have expected. I wouldn't consider myself a "crazy goat lady". But if given the chance I will talk your ear off about goats, why I love them, and how they are just a mighty fine multi-purpose farm and homestead animal to have. 

Have you considered adding goats to your life? If so why? My personal "why" will be discussed in an upcoming blog. Stay tuned for more goat adventures.

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