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Registering Your San Clemente Island Goat

First, please register your San Clemente Island goats with the San Clemente Island Goat Breeders Association.

The topic of registering livestock has many layers and hundreds of years of history. Registering, simply stated, is a way to keep secure ancestral lineage for current day animals. Knowing the lineage on an animal helps with informed breeding practices and working on establishing reliable traits and genetics.

Livestock breeds can be hundreds of years old, and new breeds are created to this day. The San Clemente Island goat breed is unique in many ways, including its DNA but also its history. The process of bringing the San Clemente Island goats to the main land was bumpy. Different organizations and individuals took different groups of goats and went their separate ways. Not many livestock breeds start from this kind of chaos.

Because of this, there will always be gaps or placeholders in the lineage of many San Clemente Island goats. Oftentimes, the placeholder will just indicate SCI goat male or SCI goat female.

This does not indicate the goats being crossbred, or anything negative. It is just part of the history with these goats. There was also the train of thought that lineage didn't matter with SCI goats based on their original feral history (SCI goats are domesticated goats after living under human care for generations). At one point, many breeders, point-blank, were not participating in registering because of varies types of community instability and communication hurdles.

As technology advanced, and people were able to more easily communicate with each other. We started being able to better congregate information, stories, and observations. Topics of color and pattern variations were discussed and researched. As well as the realization that lines were being created either intentionally or unintentionally by breeders. Which lead to current breeders to focus with line preservation for genetic diversity sake.

The San Clemente Island goat history and research are living threads of information. New information can and should change how this breed is handled. Not just one or a couple of people should dictate how the breed is handled today. It takes a community to make those informed decisions. 

The practice of excluding certain breeders from being able to register goats based on petty resentment, misinformation, and made up reasons are gone. Thankfully, the SCIGBA, which is a non-profit and not a for-profit business, exists and is a member owned and run association and registry for the San Clemente Island goat breed.

Having a non-profit breeder's association and registry ensures that breeders have a voice in how projects and information are handled. This ensures not just one person, or a minority, can dictate or have control over the majority. A non-profit also helps create community and solidarity among breeders, rather than fearmongering and isolation.

This particular blog may come off as being intense or even jaded. This blog is mainly my opinion on the matter of registration, but with real historical and current day events mixed in. I have been raising San Clemente Island goats since 2013, and it's been rough watching history keep repeating itself over and over again. The cycle of getting these goats solely based on the fact they are critically endangered, and you might get "cool points" for having these goats.

Without a real plan, or community to help support you and the shared goal of getting these goats OFF the critically endangered list, people (the goats) end up in dire situations.

Before you get into SCI goats, think about creating a basic business plan. Write down goals, things you need to do to be goat ready, and start talking with people involved in the San Clemente Island Goat Breeders Association. People in this community are happy to help answer questions, share stories, or possibly mentor you. I know life stuff can just happen, and this is NOT intended to shame people. But rather act as a message to start breaking cycles and keep growing a healthy, registered population of San Clemente Island goats.

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