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EB Ranch Farmstead

Goat Hide Deposit

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The next group of hides will be sent in to be tanned after January 8th. I will stay in contact and let you know a rough estimated time in which to expect your hide to be shipped or available for local pick-up.

At EB Ranch Farmstead, I do my best to use every part of the animal after they enter the food chain. That includes preserving the hides and skulls. I send my hides to a woman owned natural tannery in southern Wisconsin called Driftless Tannery.

This deposit of $230 fully covers the costs of naturally tanning and shipping the hide. I will be in contact to share an estimated timeline of when the hide will be ready and shipped.

All hides will vary slightly in size and color. The hide pictured is fairly typical of what you would receive. With beautiful earth tones mixed with deep reds and a variety of browns.