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EB Ranch Farmstead

2024 Kid Reservation Deposit

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A $175.00 deposit for any male or female San Clemente Island Goat if born from the pairings listed below. This first come first serve non-refundable deposit will give you the first choice of male or female-specific kids from preferred pairing, as well as second and third-choice pairings. Please specify in the deposit order what your pairing choices are, and the amount of female or male requested.

You will pay the rest of the amount in full before the goat(s) leave the EB Ranch Farmstead property. You pay with cash, check or through Venmo.

Prices can vary but average doeling is around $400 and buckling is around $250. Adults can be up for sale occasionally and may cost around $500 or more.

All San Clemente Island Goats are registered with the San Clemente Island Goat Breeders Association and Registry. I will have your goat registered, and a transfer of ownership will be provided. 

You are responsible for CVI/Vet certificate costs for across state transport, which can cost an additional $60 per goat. Buyer is also responsible for organizing transport.

For any Tepper Line specific kids, I would like to have a short interview with you. There is a network of other Tepper Line breeders that are working together to preserve and grow this line. I would like to know your commitment to the line, and introduce you to the group. We can work together to figure out future pairings and goals within the Tepper Line community.

*EB Ranch Farmstead does reserve the right to deny sales based on our own choice.*

After kids are born you will be notified if your first, second, or third choice was born.

To refer back to the 2023 breeding chart click HERE.

To refer back to individual goats click HERE.

*Abbreviation Key-(FF)=First Time Freshener, (R)=EB Ranch may keep back kids from this pairing.

 Tepper Line Preservation Pairing List-For Committed Tepper Line Breeders
Dam Sire
Miller Park Zoo Storm 24.5% Tepper (R) Bella Vita Zucchero 43.8% Tepper
Miller Park Zoo Natasha 43.8% Tepper Bella Vita Zucchero 43.8% Tepper
Miller Park Zoo Marvel 43.8% Tepper Miller Park Zoo Woodland Star 24.7% Tepper
Lindsey Farm Argenta 37.5% Tepper (R) Miller Park Zoo Woodland Star 24.7% Tepper
Lindsey Farm Colores 46.9% Tepper Bella Vita Zucchero 43.8% Tepper
EB Ranch Eartha 23.5% Tepper Bella Vita Zucchero 43.8% Tepper


 Mixed Line San Clemente Island Goat Pairings-For Anyone Committed To Preserving And Growing the SCIG Breed
Dam Sire
EB Ranch Strega Nona (R) Mack Brin Farm ZZ
EB Ranch Yrsa (R) Mack Brin Farm ZZ
Ada EB Ranch Cillian
Windy Hills Atla EB Ranch Cillian
Unity College Mim EB Ranch Algeron
Unity College Lou EB Ranch Algeron
EB Ranch Magga (R) Mack Brin Farm ZZ
EB Ranch Lupercalia (FF) EB Ranch Cillian
EB Ranch Red Sonja (FF) EB Ranch Cillian