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EB Ranch Farmstead has been committed to the heritage breed of San Clemente Island goats since 2013. Using sustainable farming practices, that include rotationally grazing goats and poultry while improving soil health and increasing plant and wildlife diversity. Creating and sustaining healthy land produces healthy animals, in turn those animals help produce wholesome farmstead prodcucts

Finding pupose for the heritage breed of San Clemente Island goat is an integrial aspect to this breed's survival. Being able to use exclusviely milk from this beautiful goat breed in every single bar of soap is a big deal. Every soap label puts a spotlight on this breed and even shares a story about the goat or some fun goat history. If we can't find purpose or reason behind raising any heritage breed animal, we run the risk of that breed going extinct. With that exctinction, we loose valuable gentic diversity and history.

Your continued support helps me to keep on giving a platform to the San Clemente Island goat, and allowing me to continue to practice sustainable farming methods and creating luscious artisanal bars of goat milk soap. As well as allowing space for me to participate in community connections and growth.

Thank you for your support!


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