San Clemente Island Goats • Since 2013

Dedicated To The San Clemente Island Goat Breed

Third-generation farm woman Erin Link has been raising San Clemente Island Goats on the EB Ranch Farmstead since 2013.

Learn more about this critically endangered breed of goat. And find ways to help support the breed and EB Ranch Farmstead.

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Meet Erin Link, Your Woman Farmer And Advocate For The San Clemente Island Goat Breed

Sustainable Farming Practices Produces Healthy Goats

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    Sustainable Farming

    Quality starts from the roots at EB Ranch Farmstead. That means implementing farm practices that create healthy and diverse environments for both livestock and nature.

  • Happy And Healthy Goats

    Creating a healthy environment and providing diverse forage to the herd of San Clemente Island goats translates to happy and healthy goats. These goats are used in the targeted grazing service. Offered locally in Western Wisconsin.

    Targeted Grazing 
  • Tepper Line Preservation Project

    A focus to help preserve the genetic diversity in the San Clemente Island Goat breed is line preservation. Many SCI goat lines have died out. But there are still lines that can be preserved and grown. EB Ranch Farmstead is dedicated to working on growing a healthy Tepper line.

    Tepper Line Preservation Project 
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Learn About The San Clemente Island Goats

EB Ranch Farmstead's Philosophy

EB Ranch Farmstead believes in small-scale diversified farming and farm offerings. Providing products and services on the local and nationwide level. With a focus on healthy and holistic animal and land practices. With a special focus on giving the San Clemente Island goat breed a platform to showcase their multipurpose nature in hopes of helping the breed gain popularity. In turn, helping to increase the breed population to help move them off the Livestock Conservancy's critically endangered list.

About The San Clemente Island Goats

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  • Raising San Clemente Island Goats Since 2013

    The San Clemente Island Goat breed is on The Livestock Conservancy's critically endangered list. You can find out more about the breed and connect with breeders through the San Clemente Island Goat Breeders Association and Registry.

    EB Ranch Farmstead has been raising the San Clemente Island Goat breed since 2013. It became a goal to find purpose for this beautiful goat breed. From breeding stock, milking goats, goat rental services and more. Showing the world that these are a hardy multi-purpose breed that can range from being great homestead goats to fun 4-H showing quality goats and everything in-between.

    You can meet the EB Ranch Farmstead herd by visiting HERE or coming to specific in person and local events.

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Livestock Conservancy Member

EB Ranch Farmstead is a proud member of The Livestock Conservancy.

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