Farm Life-Getting My Butt Kicked And Kicking Butt!

Farm Life-Getting My Butt Kicked And Kicking Butt!

It's early June and my breath is still taken away by the seasonal changes and beauty each change offers. My breath is also taken away by the fast pace on the farm during the warm months. Work starts at 7am if not earlier, and wraps up when I feel my brain can no longer function. 

It's a daily routine starting off with equal parts morning chores and morning coffee. Feeding the poultry and goats, milking the goats, and other sundry necessities. At the EB Ranch Farmstead I not only raise goat and poultry, but also care for 3 dogs and 4 cats. 

Between morning and evening chores every day can be different. Making goat milk soap, lotion, and other farm products. To goat health checks, moving fences, keeping up with different aspects of running a business, and just running errands. 

Just this week I have been slowly rolling out new EB Ranch Farmstead products. Including goat milk bath bombs I call "Fizzy Goat Milk Floats" and the often requested goat milk lotion. 





Life is moving fast and I'm having so much fun running my own farm and business. Enjoying the fruits of my labor and all the farm and land have to offer. Not to mention enjoying HUGE jars of iced coffee with my own goat milk and maple syrup. Talk about YUM!  


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