About EB Ranch Farmstead

Innovative Farming, Traditional Roots, Distinctive Farm Products

EB Ranch Farmstead has been committed to the heritage breed of San Clemente Island goats since 2013. Using regenerative farming practices, including rotational grazing to create healthy land. At the EB Ranch Farmstead we raise goats and poultry exclusively on pasture and offer distinctive farm products. Including the primitive San Clemente Island Goat Milk Soap and an array of body products. As well as offering seasonal pastured poultry and chevon meat shares.

Rooted in farm tradition with a rebellious streak, my name is Erin Link and am a 3rd generation farm woman. While recognizing my agriculture roots, I decided to take a different farming path in my mid 20’s. My partner Bob and I packed up and moved back to my hometown of Ridgeland, WI. 

Growing up around dairy cows, goats sparked my curiosity at an early age. To me goats represent creativity, quirkiness, and playful delight. Not to mention a streak of stubbornness with a dash of sass. What fully ignited my goat love as a teenager was reading “Even Cowgirls Get The Blues” by Tom Robbins. Goats play a backseat role in the novel, but the idea of owning a goat ranch stuck with me through the years. 

I am now in my early 40’s and raise between 25-50 San Clemente Island goats. This is a working herd of goats that serve many purposes. Including milk, meat, breeding stock, tanned hides and cleaned skulls. Their milk is in every bar of soap I produce in small batches. Purchasing products that come from heritage breeds supports the farmers and the breed.

Community building plays an important role in creating mutual support and education between myself and farm supporters. If you have any questions, or want to be more involved with EB Ranch Farmstead, feel free to reach me at ebranchllc@gmail.com 


Thank you for your support!