Meet The San Clemente Island Goats

Meet the crew of San Clemente Island goats that live at EB Ranch Farmstead. From little ones to goats well over 10 years old. 

I have been raising San Clemente Island goats in Western Wisconsin since 2013. It has been wonderful to see their popularity grow over time. At EB Ranch I am specifically working on San Clemente Island goats that have a slightly improved growth rate and milk production, while being almost exclusively pasture raised with minimal grain intake. 

In a nutshell, slightly improving the multi-purpose aspects these goats have to offer while focusing on the adaptability and hardiness of these goats. I'm fairly hands off with my group of San Clemente Island goats. While they are by no means "feral" they are often not as affectionate as other goat breeds. Though, they respond well to routine and positive reinforcement, which makes hand milking them easy. 

There is always room for improvement, but I am happy to see how hardy the group of current goats are at the EB Ranch Farmstead. And I hope that other breeders out there will appreciate what I'm aiming for with these heritage breed goats.

Important to note. I register all of my San Clemente Island goats with the San Clemente Island Goat Breeders Association. This is the only existing member owned and transparent registry for the SCI goat breed. I may not always be up-to-date on my pedigrees and registration information on this page. But I vow to be transparent and will share all information I have on each goat and their lineages. Keeping this information secret or hidden does not help the breed or current and future breeders. I'm excited to set new breeders up for success with their SCI goats, helping ensure long term breeders and generating interest with future breeders.


Meet The San Clemente Island Goat Does

Sparrowhawk Farm Daisy-Registered SCIG-00776-Daisy is the goat camper AKA "Glamper Queen". She allows only a select few goats to share the camper with her when she is in it. Daisy is one of the bigger SCI goat does I have at EB Ranch Farmstead. 


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EB Ranch Strega Nona-Registered SCIG-00771-Strega is one of the first SCI goat does born at EB Ranch. She is a hardy SCI goat that I have only had to de-worm once or twice over her 8 year lifespan. She is still incredibly healthy, is a wonderful mother and gives a decent amount of milk. 

Strega Nona Pedigree Website by EB Ranch LLC

EB Ranch Magga-Registered SCIG-01009-Magga is one of the offspring from EB Ranch Strega Nona. Magga is on the smaller spectrum of SCI goats and also has the uncommon "self-black" coloration. Magga is hardy and gives a decent amount of milk. 

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EB Ranch Eartha-Registered SCIG-01646- Eartha is one of my favorite does to be born on EB Ranch. Her dam is Colores, who carries the Tepper bloodline which Eartha carries as well. Eartha, like her dam also has the potential for some really nice easily milkable teats and mammary structure. Eartha will be bred in the fall of 2022 to a high Tepper % bloodline buck.
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Windy Hills Farm Atla-Registered SCIG-00746- Atla is one gorgeous SCI goat. She has a nice milking udder with one teat per side. She gives me about 3 pounds of milk a day. An easy keeper, gentle mother, and a bit of a goofball. I'm excited to keep seeing how Atla's milk genetics and good temper are passed onto future generations. 
Ada Registered SCIG-01361 This SCI goat doe is one of my biggest does, topping in at just over 100 pounds. Ada give a decent quantity of milk, around 3 pounds a day. She has an udder without a great front attachment, as well as some small useless teats. But she is an easy milker, and her udder genetics have potential for future milk improvement. Ada also tends to throw triplets on a regular basis. 
UCL Mim Registered SCIG-00960 Talk about "deer like", Mim is more gazelle like than any other SCI goat I have ever seen. She has such an agile looking body. And her nature is much more flighty than the rest of the herd. Though over the time I have had her, I have worked on positive reinforcement with a lot of grain treats! She is slowly coming around and I hope to be able to handle her with more ease in the future.
San Clemente Island Goat
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UCL Lou Registered SCIG-01898 Lou is one of a handful of SCI goats that come from Maine. Lou has a classic SCI goat look in both body build and color. She is a mellow goat that learns quickly from positive reinforcement on the milk stand.
Lou Pedigree Website by EB Ranch LLC
Lindsey Farm Colores Registered SCIG-00706 I hate to brag, but Colores is just about the most perfect SCI goat I own. She is on the larger side of the SCI goat spectrum. Is a beautiful dark with white patches on the sides of her belly. Plus has a perfect very milk-able udder with one teat per side. To top it off, her personality is as sweet as apple pie. She is a GREAT mother to boot and tends to easily give birth to larger kids. Colores is also one of the goats that are part of the Tepper Line Preservation Project. 
San Clemente Island Goat Colores
Colores Pedigree Website by EB Ranch LLC
EB Ranch Lupercalia Registered SCIG-01650
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Lupercalia Pedigree by EB Ranch LLC
EB Ranch Yrsa Registered SCIG-01656
EB Ranch Red Sonja (to be registered)
Meet The San Clemente Island Goat Bucks And Wethers
Sparrowhawk Farm Allagash
Sparrowhawk Farm Bigelow
Sparrowhawk Farm Twiddle
Miller Park Zoo Nisse
Hopf Farm Luke
EB Ranch Algeron
EB Ranch Cilian
EB Ranch Lothar
Lothar Pedigree Website by EB Ranch LLC
EB Ranch Esbjorn is part of the goat rental clean up crew. He is a good natured stocky San Clemente Island goat.
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EB Ranch Ranon
EB Ranch Ranon is part of the goat rental clean up crew and is a beautiful dark tan color.
Ranon Pedigree by EB Ranch LLC
EB Ranch Thorgrim
Everest Thorn-wethered
Everest Bramble-wethered
Everest Mario-wethered
Everest Luigi-wethered