Food, Farming, And The Weight Of It All

Food, Farming, And The Weight Of It All

A large part of who I am and why I do what I do is powered by the thoughts or hopes that I am creating and offering absolutely necessary products to people. Growing food and even making soap, to me are products that are necessary to health and happiness. 

Soap helps to keep us clean and wash away germs that could otherwise infect us or make us sick. I'm not talking about antibacterial cleaning agents, just plain and simple soap. You can read an article HERE about the importance of soap. 

The same goes for growing poultry and goats for food, as well as growing veggies in the garden for ourselves. The autonomy to raise food for ourselves and others is a power I will never take for granted. 

With that "power" is a weight that can sometimes be overwhelming. This year we have skirted on being in a drought for the past month. Our garden has not been negatively effected but our pastures are negatively impacted by the lack of rain. Today, I will be moving my group of female goats to the south pasture to give the main pasture a rest. Managing my land properly is part of that weight I feel. 

Another weight is looking at how farms will be managed long term. Consolidation of farms is an enormous issue. As well as farming practices that are decimating both our water and soil. With random food shortages occurring, the thought of food scarcity and availability of wholesome food becoming even more of an issue has me stressed out. 

There have been food deserts and they seem to be growing, coupled with high gas and food prices. It's hard to not only afford food, but the cost of driving can be a deterrent. To learn more about food deserts click HERE.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Bretton suggested this short podcast series titled "Hot Farm". In the series the host interviews different farmers and how they navigate around extreme weather events, and if they even use the phrase "climate change" due to its perceived political ramifications. 

The podcast series "Hot Farm" does address farming practices like cover crops, or rotational grazing. As well as moving away from heavily using pesticides and herbicides. In the last episode they delve into the perennial grain crop called Kernza. You can watch an episode of Around The Farm Table where they interview a Kernza grower here in Wisconsin! 

While I often am stressed about "the state of things" I also do come back to all of the people and communities that are working on solutions to issues. That if we are aware of issues, we can also take that awareness and be proactive. 

I'll keep doing what I'm doing with my 40 acres, goats, poultry and soap making. Maintain the course and keeping moving forward! 

Thank you for your support!


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