Last Kid Of The Season

Last Kid Of The Season

Sunday, April 2nd the last three kids were born at the EB Ranch Farmstead. Colores had a male and female, and Colores' own daughter, Eartha had one big male.

Both of these does are just a tad special as they are also part of the Tepper Line Preservation Project. That is preserving this Tepper line in hopes to maintain genetic diversity within the San Clemente Island goat breed.

San Clemente Island Goat

It feels good to be done with kidding for the season. Though, the last due date for all the goats is mid May. I may have some surprise kiddings in the next month or so. And two does are pregnant, but they are heading to the Miller Park Zoo mid April as part of a San Clement Island goat trade. I will be returning with three new does and one buckling to be part of the Tepper Project.

Moving on, I am making schedules for routine care of both the kid and adult goat herd. Mothers will get a health check in a week and hoof trim. Goat kids will start receiving coccidia preventative in about three weeks. I also try to weigh the kids on a weekly basis to make sure they are gaining good weight.

San Clemente Island Goat Kid

Hopefully all this snow will be almost gone by the end of April. It will be nice to get goats out onto grassy ground again. And it is an extra joy to see young goat kids playing on spring turf.

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