Our Bodies Are Amazing And Unique

Our Bodies Are Amazing And Unique

In January, 2023 I turned 42 years old. On my personal facebook page I made some silly remark about how just one of my armpits smells now while the other doesn't. I don't know why, I blame it on getting older.

Over the years my skin has become more sensitive to many things.That lead me on a path of personal skin and body care that fits who I am. While we all have many things in common as human beings, we are also incredibly unique. There is no "once size fits all" when it comes to diet, mental health, and body care.

We all need to recognize this and embrace our uniqueness!

The point of this is that I want to remind people that I never make claims with any of my products. The goat milk soap I make is indeed luscious, and it is made to clean your skin. Beyond that, I cannot say that these bars of soap are good for particular reasons or medical conditions. Or that it will have some profound impact on your skin.

The same goes for my body butter, bath balms, salts and other body products. They are there for simple purposes made with simple ingredients. Granted, I have had people give stellar reviews on the products. And my own skin enjoys the products I make and I use them all on a daily bases.

I do get asked if my soap or body butters help with X Y or Z body conditions. My response is "I cannot recommend things". I'm not a doctor, and I can get into trouble for making claims on products I make. Instead, I'll share my experiences or other people's experiences using my products. But remind people that our bodies are unique, what works for someone may not work for you.

With that, I put thought and care behind the products I make. Products are tested and sometimes reformulated before I make them available to the public. I have fun making these products, and listen to feedback and requests from people.

Being a more informed consumer is always a good thing. And I will put an opinion out there, be thoughtful before buying products that make claims. I'm looking at you "diet industry!" And just because a product worked to make someone else's skin look like a sun-kissed peach doesn't mean it will automatically do the same thing for you. Listen to your body, and try things out and find what works the best for you.

Take care, and thank you for your support!


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