Welcome To Goat-tober 2023

Welcome To Goat-tober 2023

It's another October which means another Goat-tober. October is the month to put extra focus and celebration on our long domesticated friend the goat.

When you see the word goat, or even see a goat what is the first thing that comes to your mind? My own impressions of goats has changed over the years. Starting as a pipe dream before I had goats. Then dealing with a sharp learning curve when I first got my group of goats in 2009. That morphed into feeling more confident as I bought my first San Clemente Island goats in 2013. Having first hand experience and being part of supportive communities has helped me grow both mentally and with my herd over these years.

At the EB Ranch Farmstead, every day is a goat focused day. But this month and into early November there are a number of fun and important activities and projects to help everyone celebrate.

Save the date of November 5th for a collaborative project with Zymurgy Brewing in Menomonie, WI. We will be offering professional mini photo sessions with the lovely San Clemente Island goat named Luigi. More details will be coming shortly.

A kickstarter of sorts will be rolled out by the end of October as well. This kickstarter is for raising funds in helping the EB Ranch Farmstead expand in its goat rental and clearing services. The ultimate goal will be to raise $20,000 to fund No-Fence virtual E-collars and a small trailer.

Feel free to reach out to me at ebranchllc@gmail.com with any questions.

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