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EB Ranch Farmstead

Chicken Meat Shares For 2024

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Put down a deposit to secure your own pasture raised and on-farm processed whole chicken. Each deposit is $10 per bird. Cost is $5.00 per pound. Your deposit will essentially pay for around half the cost of each whole chicken you order. Average cost per whole chicken is $20.

Processing will happen through the month of October 2024.

I will be raising mixed breed Kosher King cross chickens this summer. With intentions of hatching chicks at home. I found Kosher King chickens to be extremely hardy, good forages, but still produce a nice sized consistent 4+ pound carcass.

All poultry is pasture raised, and on farm processed. You must pick up your poultry on the day of processing.

  • Cash, check, paypal or venmo are excepted to pay remaining cost.

**If you would like to have your chickens processed at Pine Creek Processing, please let me know as quickly as possible, so I can schedule processing appointments. You will be in charge of paying the extra processing fees as well as picking up your chickens at the appointed time. You can also request custom cuts for extra costs.

Furthermore, you can find costs here-