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EB Ranch Farmstead

EB Ranch Farmstead 5 SCIG Bundle Starter

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Start your own San Clemente Island goat herd off right, and at a lower cost from EB Ranch Farmstead. 

I offer a five goat bundle of three females and two males at $1,600. You save $250 getting this combination starter herd. No exceptions or different sex mixes offered at this time. I ask that you put down a $400 deposit on this deal. The deposit will be deducted from the total cost and is non-refundable. Additional CVI costs will be added for across state line transport. 

Why have two males you ask? This can ensure that you will have a buck available if something happens to the other buck. And having a second buck provides company for the first, and can offer varied breeding options if you would like to keep a closed herd. 

If you don't see enough San Clemente Island goats for sale on my website, don't hesitate to inquire. 

If you are interested in Tepper line preservation, I do offering Tepper goats at a discount price. And that discount also transfers over to this bundle deal. A Tepper bundle would be $1,300 to committed San Clemente Island goat Tepper line breeders. Please inquire about Tepper line availability if you are interested.