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EB Ranch Farmstead

EB Ranch Ronja-Female SCI Goat

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Ronja was born on 4/5/2024.

$450 total with a non-refundable deposit of $175 that will be deducted from the $450 cost. In addition, be prepared to pay at least another $60 if you  need to move the goat across state lines as a certificate of health is needed. You can pay the remaining amount in person using cash. Or pay in advance using check, venmo, or pay pal.

Ronja's dam is Windy Hills Daisy aka "Atla" and sire is Mack Brin Farm Zaire aka "ZZ". 

Ronja is an adorable doeling with a white forehead blaze and a tiny white patch on her side belly. Ronja displays a redder hue of brown with a typical SCI goat cape and facial stripes. 

Unfortunately, I tagged her ear earlier than I would have liked, as I had a buyer interested who backed out at the last minute. And Ronja ripped the tag out of her ear the day after getting it put in. She will have a tag put in her left ear, or a microchip if they are in stock soon. 

Ronja will be registered with the San Clemente Island Goat Breeders Association/Registry. While, I cannot make people continue to register offspring that may come from Ronja. I do heavily encourage people to do so. The San Clemente Island goat breed is currently critically endangered, and registering these goats will help keep track of these goats and set future breeders up to be even more successful with this breed. 

The SCIGBA is the only non-profit, member-driven registry available for these goats. Becoming a member would be of interest to future breeders to help stay up to date on new information and projects. 


Ronja Pedigree by EB Ranch LLC