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EB Ranch Farmstead

San Clemente Island Goat Hide "The Satyr"

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This is the first San Clemente Island Goat tanned hide offered from EB Ranch. This large male is called "The Satyr", measuring 45" tall and 34" wide.
At EB Ranch I use natural tanning techniques. This particular hide was tanned with a mineral process using alum, salt, washing soda, and cornmeal. This creates a beautiful white tanned hide on the flesh side.
The goat hide has been sanded and buffed smooth. While hides are durable, please do not wash hides in a washing machine. Rather gently dampen the stain with soapy water and let air dry.
Thank you for supporting heritage breeds and their breeders. Finding purposed for our heritage breeds of livestock and poultry are important, as well as respecting and using up every bit of each animal as much as we can.