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EB Ranch Farmstead

The Whole Goat

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Put down a deposit for your own whole goat meat share.

The next harvest date is January 8th. You will pick up your whole goat at the Grain Bin Market And Butchery roughly two weeks after this processing date. I will be in communication about the details of pick-up.

All goat meat comes from pasture raised San Clemente Island goats. Goat meat is similar to a lean beef.

The $175.00 deposit pays for the processing fee. You will then pay me the remaining amount of $12/pound hanging weight. Each goat will vary, but expect 10–20 pounds of meat, which would cost an additional $120-$240. Let me know if you would prefer more or less. Below are the kinds of cuts you can expect. You are also welcome to request custom cuts at a higher cost. Some customers even request all ground or stew meat.

A typical whole goat includes:
Around 2–4 pounds of stew meat
8 Loin chops 
4 Leg shanks 
2 Leg roasts
2 Shoulder roasts
2 Racks